21st Figure 

June 10 - June 26, 2020

Lydia Blakeley

Ry David Bradley

Gareth Cadwallader

Alessandro Fogo

Tom Howse

Pierre Knop

BC Projects is pleased to present 21st Figure, an exhibition that brings together the work of a new generation of contemporary artists who embrace figurative painting in the new millennium. The exhibition features the work of six artists showcasing a renewed interest in expressive modes of figuration from an international younger community.

Lydia Blakeley (b. 1980, Bracknell, Berkshire, England) lives and works in North Yorkshire, England. Blakeley uses paint to reflect the present, which is saturated with snapshots of hyper-reality, and by using the medium as a response to popular culture. Through the painting process she attempts to introduce new layers of meaning, develop narratives and present alternative interpretations of our actuality. The materiality of her paintings reinforce the permanence of the image within an increasingly dematerialised world.

Ry David Bradley (b. 1979, Melbourne, Australia) lives and works in London. Bradley is known as one of the artists at the forefront of new artistic theories and practices exploring the impact of digital technologies on contemporary art and society, continuing a longstanding investigation of 21st century painting. High contrast renders are achieved through a process of heating dyes onto the textured surface of tapestry, adding a layer of spray paint cast over the digital source. Rich hues often unobtainable by anything but the chromatic intensity of a screen, or of paint itself, sit alongside both of these in a process Bradley has slowly developed over many years of investigation. Along with the 21st century nature of Bradley’s works, the artist uses an algorithm to generate the titles. Therefore, each work has a unique identifier.

Gareth Cadwallader (b. 1979, Swindon, UK) lives and works in London. He is a miniaturist painter of Realist portals: banal and familiar scenes that exist outside of specific space and time, held at a point of electric tension by neurotically rigorous formal consideration. His compositions are an eclectic mix of different genres, from still life to landscape with an unusual angle and a considered approach to pattern, shape and form.

Tom Howse (b. 1988, Chester, England) lives and works in London. Howse's work is existential - through his highly imaginative compositions, the artist explores why the universe is the way it is, and fundamentally, why we are the way we are. Hinting to our evolutionary make up, our biological resilience and our psychological traits, the London-based artist explores our evolution as a species in his bold paintings. The viewer does not look into realities constructed by Howse, rather they are absorbed into pre-existing universes where a UFO, household furniture, and anthropomorphic celestial bodies unquestionably coexist. Where they have their own universal rules and laws that seem out of place until experienced in person.

Pierre Knop (b. 1982, Nancy, France) lives and works in Cologne, Germany. His focus is clearly painting which, through its power, enables him to attain sometimes explosive, sometimes frivolous, sometimes humorous and even bitterly ironic realms. Socio-political topics therefore infiltrate the scenarios that use playful nuances to highlight social mores and trends.

Gareth Cadwallader - Coffee